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InterActive Dance Party

Cindy Hanna

Cindy’s passion for dance is uniquely demonstrated by her enthusiasm for teaching and sharing which is especially seen in the Interactive Dance Party. The upbeat mov’n and groov’n Dance Party is specifically designed for all ages, abilities, themes, and special events. It is a full audience participation performance ranging from 30 to 300 students. The physical and cognitive exercises are beneficial to all participants.



Fun Fundamentals

The Phonemes and Phonics Program – Cindy Hanna

Mission Purpose: The Phonemes Pre-K Program is designed to increase the rate of success in reading readiness skills. Understanding the phonemes of each alphabet letter is done by using dance movements, song, visual sign and sign language as the medium of implementation. Cindy’s belief is that dance and movement stimulates the cognitive process.



Intergenerational Dance Program

The Intergenerational Program uses dance as communication between young and old, character education, and building with community involvement. This program combines senior citizens and students in a unique situation, using dance as the common denominator. A combination between young and old creates an extraordinary opportunity where bonding, along with learning about the differences and similarities in the generations, can take place. The atmosphere allows a wide range of character, physical, and social development for all individuals involved. Revealed within the integrated dance sessions are positive effects the program has on the school, students, senior citizen, curriculum, community, and administration. These positive outcomes are based on a twenty-year personal and professional observation